Ghanaians Living In The UK Organizes Funeral For Queen Elizabeth II

On Cornell Street in Tottenham, Ghanaians who reside in the UK and evidently have spare time organized a burial for the late Queen Elizabeth.

The funeral moderator, as it appeared, was seen dancing to melodious highlife beats while dressed in scarlet and inviting everyone nearby to join them in mourning the strong ruler.

It is clear that the sad ceremony took place concurrently with the formal funeral at Buckingham Palace.

The video was published by blogger thosecalledcelebs, and it immediately sparked a firestorm of responses from internet users, the majority of whom lambasted them for their power-seeking stunts.

“Ghanaian Community in the UK having their own fun£ral at the #buckinghampalace android 😆❤️ lo₩ budget inlaws in the building…. at least! Koo Charles should have allowed them to come and carry the fun£ral kenkey eerrr .. ohh 😠😆,” she wrote


As the country bid its ultimate farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, a solemn funeral and military procession were organized. World leaders and foreign aristocrats joined King Charles III and the Royal Family in the Westminster Abbey congregation.

Thousands of mourners lined the streets as the coffin was brought to Windsor, where she was laid to rest.

During the burial, the Dean of Westminster lauded the Queen’s “lifelong sense of responsibility.” The Very Rev. David Hoyle lauded Elizabeth for her “unwavering dedication to a noble calling for so many years as Queen and Head of the Commonwealth.”

In addition to US President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, there were also French President Emmanuel Macron, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, and Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan among the approximately 100 presidents and heads of government who attended the 2,000-person gathering at the abbey, according to the BBC.

With kings and queens from Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Europe’s royal houses were well-represented. King Charles sat across from Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who is now the monarch with the longest reign in Europe.


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