5 types of people you only see in betting shops

People in betting shop

Betting online, particularly on Indian Betting Sites, is fun and convenient, but nothing can ever replace the sense of personally making bets in a shop.

These five personality types make visiting betting businesses  enjoyable.

And this is largely due to the diverse range of characters who frequent these establishments and make them enjoyable to visit.

Here are five categories of people who can only be found in betting shops:

The Analyst

Pseudo sports analysts can be found in every betting shop, just as they are dispersed in football viewing areas.

You know those people who constantly have something to say about every game? They know every pertinent statistic and will argue passionately, but they don’t win tickets on a regular basis.

Long short merchants

Even as this story is being written, there is almost definitely someone at a betting shop entering a code to print a 40-game accumulator.

There’s no telling these people that their 100 Naira bet will never result in millions of Naira in prizes, yet they keep trying regardless.

Quiet winners

They’re cashing out every time you see them. They usually don’t have time or interest in debates or anything else but playing and winning their betting tickets.

They also make minimal commotion about their victories, primarily to avoid billing, which is a wise strategy because billing is the quickest way to lose money at a betting shop.

The billers

When it comes to losing money at betting shops, one group outperforms all others. Billers practically live in betting shops, where they spend their entire day betting and losing on football and virtual markets.

And when they run out of money, they look for more from whoever is nearby at the time, especially those who have recently won a bet.

Hindsight people

We’ve all met that individual who always makes the correct bet but only realizes it after the game is finished. They say hindsight is 20/20, and this group of bettors has taken that to heart.

They pick the home team to win the game, but as soon as it finishes in a different result, they declare they knew the away team would win the entire time; you know who I’m talking about.

SOURCE: Pulsenews.com

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