7 Things Men find Attractive In Women, According To Science

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All the aspects about you that men find the most annoying according to science.

These seven factors will provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for if you’ve ever wondered what most guys find attractive about you.

  1. Symmetry of the face
    According to studies, this is when the left side of your face completely matches the right side of your face, and vice versa, with everything lining up from one side to the other.
  2. Lips
    According to research from Manchester University, a woman’s lips are her most alluring physical feature.

All you have to do is think about how beautiful you are, especially when wearing red lipstick, to agree with this.


  1. Make firm eye contact
    Forget the old adage that says the eyes are the doorway to the soul; they are also the gateway to retaining a lover’s interest. It turns out that when you are attracted to someone, your pupils dilate a little more. The real deal? Evidently, dilated pupils are quite attractive to people. The lesson here is to never pass up an opportunity to look your intended bae in the eyes.
  1. Quality teeth
    Straight, white teeth are also thought to be incredibly attractive, according to research. And number 4 below explains why this is very crucial.
  1. Gorgeous smiles
    According to a different study, men are particularly drawn to women who smile a lot.

This is very accurate, too, as it is clear that smiling enhances beauty more than crying or scowling. Women who grin attract men much more than those who don’t. It’s not like you’ll be grimacing as you reel them in.

  1. A voice with a higher pitch
    It seems that voices with higher pitches are hotter. According to researchers, this is due to the fact that louder voices imply a smaller body size, which our culture finds more appealing.
  1. The red colour
    Two images of the exact same woman were included in a research on color stereotypes. She posed the same way in both photos while donning blue in one and red in the other. The image of the woman in red received higher ratings for both attractiveness and sex appeal, per the results.

This seems to explain why there is a huge demand for red underwear.

SOURCE: Pulse.com.gh

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