700 fake meters intercepted by custom officials in daBala

fake meters

In a major operation, the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) intercepted over 700 shipments of counterfeit electrical meters at a checkpoint. During a detailed inspection of a bus, the fake meters were discovered hidden in the luggage compartment and subsequently confiscated. No passenger claimed ownership, leading officials to seize the items.

Christina Jatoe-Kaleo, the Volta Regional Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), confirmed this and emphasized that only specific entities are authorized to import meters, making it illegal for individuals to do so. She warned that these substandard meters could cause fire outbreaks and result in higher electricity bills for consumers.

The company is actively working to eliminate these fake meters from their network and will take legal action against anyone involved in their distribution. The use of unauthorized meters can lead to several issues, including overloading and damaging transformers.

She said : “This nation-wrecking activity is taking a negative toll on the commercial and technical operations of the Company,” Ms Jatoe-Kaleo said.

It is illegal to import meters into the country and acquire meters from other sources apart from ECG. We will take all necessary legal actions against individuals who are trying to infiltrate our network with these fake meters, including those who aid them by selling or buying those meters.”


Our meters are tested and calibrated to meet the required standards of our country, but these foreign meters are not calibrated so customers using them are likely to incur higher electricity bills than our standard meters.”
“Using such unauthorized meters poses several dangers to the user, other ECG customers and the company.”

“With the introduction of the Loss Reduction Programme and Flat rate policy, we have many options to service our customers anytime they apply for meters, so kindly visit the nearest ECG office and apply to ensure you are served instead of engaging in the illegal act of purchasing from illegal sources,”
she said.

Users of these foreign meters consume electricity illegally without paying and this is not fair to customers who pay their bills. Such individuals usually complain they are not receiving bills, and this is because their meters were obtained and installed illegally…”.

“We would like to commend the GRA and Customs Division together with other security agencies like the military, national security and Ghana Police Service for supporting the company in the fight against illegal meters,”
Ms. Jatoe-Kaleo said.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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