What Education Is This If A Prestigious University Like This Instructs Students To Label a shoe during Exams?-Yaa Titi questions UEW

The educational system was one of the key subjects discussed on Onua TV. The host spoke extensively about the state of our educational system and the subjects that are taught to young people in this nation.

One of Ghana’s top public universities will never forget today because Yaa Titi “fired” them. Yaa fired them for teaching material that had no application to graduates or even students in elementary schools.

She sent a photo of an exam from this illustrious university. Students were required to label the components of a shoe or boot in their exams or on their exam paper. This is a tertiary examination, one that students who will soon graduate from take. University of Education, Winneba is the name of the institution listed on the exam paper.

Below is the examination paper.

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Yaa Titi, who was furious, declared that this was unacceptable. The same factor contributes to graduates’ inability to find or make their own employment. “How can you tell students to lable a shoe that they did not even make it themselves? At let them it themselves”, she said.

What do you think of the educational system in Ghana? Is it a positive thing or is it to blame for the rising jobless rate in the nation?

SOURCE: gh.opera.com

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