A woman recounts how her niece was Po!sonned after receiving a scholarship to study abroad

A woman shared a heartbreaking account of how she lost her niece to the cruel hands of death on Twitter.

According to the woman who went by the nickname Empress Adusei, her niece had been awarded a full scholarship to study overseas.

She excitedly told her friends about it and they hatched a plan to poison her.

“My niece was poisoned by her friends because she had a scholarship to go to France I can’t even breath right now I’m actually finished 😭💔she’s Gone”. She wrote on Twitter.

Another person took advantage of the occasion to share how a young woman who was ready to get married also perished from poisoning.

“This thing continue happening within the girls circles! Why? Early last year in my neighborhood, a girl was poisoned from a birthday party by her friends with whom she shared the same room! Her crime, she was getting married to her G’boy-friend and shared the news wit her friends”. He shared.

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