Abena korkor pregnant with first child

In the Ghanaian media landscape, Abena Korkor is a well-known figure, who often garners public attention due to her actions and statements. She’s not just a media personality and socialite, but also a town helper and mental health advocate.

Korkor’s recent social media activity has sparked a flurry of public discussion and concern. A noticeable change in her physical appearance, interpreted by many as a potential pregnancy, has fueled much speculation.

This has led to calls for Ghana’s mental health authorities to intervene, suggesting her immediate admission to a psychiatric facility.


Korkor has openly admitted to being a bipolar patient, a condition marked by extreme mood swings, including periods of hyperactivity and heightened sexual activity.

These episodes, or ‘relapses’, are evident in Korkor’s recent social media posts. A video of her appearing disheveled with a larger belly seems to confirm pregnancy speculations she hinted at weeks prior.

At 33, Korkor has been transparent about her mental health battles. Her recent post suggesting that she’s expecting her first child, coupled with her behavior, has increased public interest and concern for her well-being.

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