Achilinks Plus company signs comedienne Afia Barcelona as a brand influencer

Achilinks Plus Company Limited, a renowned company known for its exceptional services for traveling, driving school, and rentals has recently signed popular comedian Afia Barcelona as its brand influencer. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties involved.

When approached for comment, Afia Barcelona expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership. She revealed that her personal connection with the CEO of Achilinks played a vital role in initiating this collaboration.

She stated, “I knew the CEO of the company. So it started on personal terms and here we are today putting pen to paper for our beautiful journey.”

In addition to her personal comments, Afia Barcelona also highlighted the competence and professionalism of Achilinks Plus Company Limited. Recognizing the company’s outstanding track record, she said, “Achilinks is a great company. They are very competent with their work.”

The decision to appoint Afia Barcelona as a brand influencer aligns perfectly with Achilinks’ marketing strategy. Afia Barcelona’s vibrant personality, comedic talent, and wide-ranging popularity make her an ideal choice for promoting the company’s brand and values.

With her large following and engaging content, Afia Barcelona can effectively reach and connect with a diverse audience, ensuring maximum exposure for Achilinks.

Speaking to the CEO of Achilinks Plus Company Limited, Mr. Felix Agyabeng he revealed why the company decide to go in for a female comedian for the Brand influencer deal

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”One reason why we brought her on board was in our part of the world we hardly find a lady comedian. So the company felt it was right to connect with her so as to help her brand grow as well as using her comedy sector to promote Achilinks” the CEO revealed.

This partnership between Achilinks Plus Company Limited and Afia Barcelona promises to be a fruitful collaboration. The combination of Afia Barcelona’s influential presence and Achilinks’ competence will undoubtedly result in successful brand promotion and increased visibility for both parties. As the journey begins, the anticipation is high, and the future looks promising for this dynamic duo.


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