Alpha Hour’s YouTube Page Hacked, Pastor Elvis Curses Hijackers (Video)

Alpha Hour’s YouTube Page Hacked, Pastor Elvis Curses Hijackers

In Ghana, the current live stream that holds the record for the most concurrent views is Pastor Agyemang Elvis‘ Alpha hour with a peak concurrent viewership of over 50,000 on Facebook alone. Pastor Elvis has a program called Alpha Hour, an intensive one-hour prayer session which broadcasts live from 12am – 1am every Monday to Saturday on FacebookYoutubeInstagram Live & Zoom.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Alpha Hour is a prayer revival movement that has witnessed an increased audience since it began. Astonishingly, Pastor Elvis has been gathering over 70,000 concurrent live viewers worldwide. As it stands now, these numbers on his live stream have unanimously made him the most concurrent live watched Ghanaian on Facebook and YouTube.

Members of the prayer platform (Alpharians) couldn’t have access to the YouTube page of the online prayer platform (Alpha Hour) because it is hijacked. Pastor Elvis Agyemang described the situation as unfortunate and went on to curse the perpetrators with anger.


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