Amazing: Ugandan church claps for three hours to break Guinness World Record for church with ‘longest clap’

A Uganda church has achieved a notable feat by setting a new Guinness World Record for the longest applause.

In the capital city of Uganda, Kampala, the devoted followers of Phaneroo Ministries Church assembled to commemorate their church’s ninth anniversary with a spirited event known as “Clap For Jesus.”

The congregation clapped their hands for an impressive duration of 3 hours and 16 minutes. Their collective applause resonated with a consistent and resonant sound level, registering at an average of 88.5 decibels (dB).

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To ensure the validity of their remarkable achievement, it was imperative for them to sustain an audio intensity surpassing 80 dB throughout the entire duration of their jubilant celebration.


During this event, 926 participants clapped continuously for three hours and 16 minutes. To make it an official Guinness World Record, “they had to remain above 80 dB for the entire duration.” Guinness World Records said in a statement.

Grace Lubega, the leader of the church, explained that the purpose of “Clap For Jesus” was to bring people together in a spirit of thanksgiving and celebration. The event was a lively affair, with stewards ensuring that participants kept clapping without any breaks.

In doing so, the Ugandan church surpassed the previous record of two hours and five minutes, which was held by Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness in the United Kingdom in 2019.

SOURCE: Ghpage

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