Asake is bigger than every Ghanaian artiste including me – Shatta Wale declares

Shatta Wale

Controversial dancehall musician Shatta Wale has brashly asserted that Asake, the Nigerian singer and performer signed to YBNL Nation, is on a higher level than any Ghanaian artist.

His remarks, which he made on August 23, 2023, during a Twitter Space, have created a whirlwind of debates and discussions both within the business and among fans.

No Ghanaian artiste has even made it like Asaake. Don’t even bring up the Asake point. Not even me [Shatta Wale], nobody, so don’t even bring that. Don’t bring the Asake name,” he said.

With his distinctive voice and compelling performances, Asake, a rising star in the music industry, has been able to win the admiration and attention of many.

Music critics have called his most recent performance at the O2 Arena on Sunday, August 20, 2023, “historic.” This is also a result of Asake’s music’s quick ascent and impact, which has struck a chord with a sizable audience.

However, controversy has been sparked by more than just Shatta Wale’s criticism of Asake’s stature.

The ‘Shatta Movement’ singer also talked about his own goals and priorities for the music business.


He frankly questioned why he should put his life in danger to pack out stadiums like the O2 Arena, bringing up his personal aspirations and past failures.

The multi-award-winning dancehall artist claims that his goal is to amass significant fortune rather than try to fill arenas.

You people call me a drug addict, why should I risk my life to fill a place for Ghanaians or the music industry? I am okay, I wanted to buy house, lands and investments, I am okay, so filling the O2 is not my priority, my priority is to keep a billion dollars in my account , that is where I am at right now. Nobody should disturb me about filling the 02 or my music,” he opined.
He also claimed that because he did not receive help from the Ghanaian music industry to advance his agenda, he is happy with his present successes, particularly his performance at the Accra Sports Stadium.

After I filled the Accra Sports stadium, Ghanaians should have given me a helping hand to fill the 02 because I am not from London to be able to fill up the 02,” he tendered.

He finally added, “Asake alone could not fill the 02, industry players contributed so if the Ghanaian industry is trying to burst someone who single-handedly filled the sports stadium without any promos, what more can I do.”

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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