Asamoah Gyan praises Mohammed kudus

Asamoah Gyan, the former captain of Ghana’s national football team, has publicly expressed his admiration for the evolution of Mohammed Kudus’ playing style. He made these comments after Kudus, a midfielder, scored his first Premier League goal during a match against Newcastle United on Sunday.

Gyan was particularly impressed by the significant strides Kudus has made in his understanding of positioning on the field. He noted that Kudus has become adept at finding the right spaces to receive the ball and timing his passes perfectly.

Mohamed Kudus

Gyan, who has a keen eye for talent, believes that this newfound skill in Kudus’ gameplay is a sign of great things to come. He expressed his belief that if Kudus can consistently maintain this level of play, he has the potential to become a player of world-class status.

Gyan shared his observations on X (previously known as Twitter) after the match. He wrote, “I have noticed considerable changes in Kudus’ style of play. He’s beginning to grasp the importance of positioning himself to receive the ball and knowing when to pass it. If he continues on this trajectory, I have no doubt that he’ll become a world-class player.”

During the match against Newcastle United, Kudus was a game-changer. He came off the bench to score a vital goal in the 89th minute, ensuring a 2-2 draw for West Ham.


Asamoah Gyan

This was Kudus’ fifth time coming off the bench, which has led to some criticism from fans who believe he should be starting. However, Gyan defended West Ham manager David Moyes’ decision, drawing from his own experiences when he joined Sunderland in 2010 from Rennes.

Gyan wrote, “The coach is doing a great job managing Kudus. I believe that if the coach wanted to, he could start him in a Premier League game.” He recalled his own experiences at Sunderland, where despite being a record-signing player, he initially came off the bench.

Gyan explained, “The fans couldn’t understand why a player who had been signed for a record fee was coming off the bench. Steve Bruce, my coach at the time, explained that he didn’t want to put too much pressure on me. He assured me that when the time was right, I would get my chance. And when that time came, I seized the opportunity.”

Kudus, who transferred to West Ham from Ajax in a deal reportedly worth over 40 million euros during the summer.

SOURCES: Senali News Ghana

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