Becca bags Master’s Degree in Brands and Communication from UPSA And Emerged The Overall Best Student with GPA of 3.92

She is a young mother, a talented musician, and young. Becca, though, still longs for more from her time spent in this world.

After receiving a master’s degree, Ghanaian musician Rebecca Acheampong, also known as Becca in the entertainment industry, achieved yet another life milestone.

The singer achieved the highest grade in her class at the University of Professional Studies in Accra (UPSA).

Becca graduated from the institution with a Master’s in Brands and Communication and a 3.92 GPA, making her both the valedictorian and top overall student of the year.

Wesley Girls Senior High School served as the singer’s secondary school, and she later attended Croydon College in the UK to pursue child care education.

Later, she went back to Ghana and enrolled in the GIMPA, where she majored in operations and project management and received a First Class Honors degree.

Becca posted “Wooow…,” along with the news of her accomplishment, to her Instagram account. This can only be from God. I have to take a breath.

I am indeed grateful to God.

To my group 1 team members, you guys are the best!!!

Best Masters student in Brands and Communication

Best Overall Student (1 year program)

Valedictorian 2022 @upsaccra

If you can dare to dream, you can achieve it.

The singer declared her retirement from singing after more than ten years of enthralling listeners with her talent.

After releasing her last album, Becca claims she will be engaged by other things. “Together with my husband, I am very active in real estate. I also own a logistics business, “She spoke.

The singer of “No One” claims she won’t completely stop making music, but she won’t be actively doing it “Do not misunderstand; music will always exist. I will always be doing music, but I won’t be actively recording at five in the morning and all that “She informed Arit.


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