Best business schools in Canada for international students

The goal of this article is to compile a list of the top Canadian business schools from among the hundreds that exist.

Although there are hundreds of business schools in Canada, this article will only focus on a few of them.

You may maximize your business education and accomplish your job goals by selecting a top-notch business school. What exactly sets a decent business school apart from the tens of thousands of others that exist globally?

The QS Global MBA Rankings rate universities based on eight criteria that measure performance and impact on results and the student experience.

What makes a good business school ?

After investigating the characteristics that distinguish the top business schools, we came up with the list of the five crucial indications that follows.


Does the university have a strong standing with foreign employers? Do prestigious companies look to the institution for graduates capable of tackling today’s challenges? How many students find employment after graduating?

Because we are aware that students want to graduate with the skills and knowledge essential to thrive in the job market, we analyze how schools prepare students for successful careers and which institutions create the most competent, innovative, and effective graduates.

Alumni outcomes and entrepreneurship

The Alumni Outcomes Index, which closely relates to employability, looks at over 50,000 CEOs, executives, and board members at the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and PepsiCo, as well as the universities they attended. These individuals are employed by companies like Amazon, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and PepsiCo.

Quality alumni outcomes—whether in employment or entrepreneurship—mean that current students have a strong alumni network to tap into for mentorship, business insights, and collaborative work with subject-matter experts.

Return on investment

Will the time, money, and effort you put into obtaining a business degree be worthwhile in terms of employment opportunities and pay?

One of the key factors in the QS Global MBA Rankings is the return on investment, which contrasts average MBA incomes after ten years of graduation with average MBA salaries prior to enrollment. The measure accounts for salary loss while a student is enrolled in addition to tuition costs and living expenditures.

Thought leadership

Due to their superior understanding, the academic and research faculty of a top business school is a significant lure. Thought leaders offer innovation, ideas, and influence in order to affect positive change in the business community. A great business school will have a varied mix of well-known business leaders and thinkers on its teaching staff and in its research centers, giving students access to their expertise and experience right away.


The variety of a business school can help students learn from a broader spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds and comprehend different challenges that may be faced in addition to their own.

Best business schools in Canada

The top business schools in Canada that satisfy all requirements for a top business school are listed below:

Rank University
1 Toronto – Rotman School of Management
2 Western – Ivey Business School
3 McGill – Desautels Faculty of Management
4 Queen’s – Smith School of Business
5 British Columbia – Sauder School of Business
6 York University – Schulich School of Business
7 Alberta – School of Business
8 Concordia – John Molson School of Business
9 Montréal – HEC Montréal
10 Dalhousie University – Rowe School of Business
11 McMaster – McMaster (DeGroote) 12 Brock – Brock (Goodman)
13 Simon Fraser – Simon Fraser (Beedie)
14 University of Ottawa – Telfer School of Management
15 Calgary – Haskayne School of Business
16 University of Victoria – Victoria (Gustavson)
17 University of New Brunswick – University of New Brunswick
18 Wilfrid Laurier University –  Wilfrid Laurier (Lazaridis)
19 University of Manitoba Asper School of Business
20 Saint Mary’s Sobey School of Business


The top MBA programs in Canada have tuition ranging from 22,000 to 120,000 CAD. Scholarships, on the other hand, may occasionally enable you to make a small financial savings, subject to the university’s restrictions. The MBA programs at the aforementioned universities can be completed in as little as two years.

Consider enrolling in one of Canada’s top business schools if you’re considering a career in business or entrepreneurship.

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