Brides maid quickly grabs yellow bag, Protects couples money on stage, video causes stir

A yellow bag containing a couple’s money was promptly taken by a bridesmaid who was dancing during the wedding ceremony. The lady was dancing when a woman wearing white went for the money bag, which caused the lady to respond.

Those who witnessed her swift action applauded her for saving the couple from losing their party money.
An aviator bridesmaid was dancing with a couple when a woman abruptly tried to seize the yellow purse from next to her on the dance floor.

The lady (@agyeiwaa.lina) sprang into action right away and shielded the bag from the intruder. The bridesmaid revealed the couple’s party money was in the bag while commenting further on the occasion on TikTok.

“Even though i was dancing, i was protective over the couples money in the yellow bag
” She said

Many people praised the woman for retrieving the cash that had been thrown at the pair at the celebration. She asserted that she was certain the party visitor intended to leave with the money.


Here are some reactions
mizboakye said: “Me on mmy friend’s wedding day, she laugh tire”

TooRich Adel said: “I think she just wanted to Take a picture without the destruction of the bag.”

Maamepokuaa said: “Very important paaa…mine got stolen on my wedding day hmmm.”

naafavor said: “Always choose bridmaids who will protect u and ur things for, because on the day some tins u wouldn’t see ,is ur bridesmaids who will caution u on it.”

ekua__ey asked: “Eei na where was she taking it to? You were very smart.”


Even though i was dancing, i was protective over the couples money in the yellow bag#fyp#u can’t steal from me🤣

♬ original sound – agyeiwaa.lina

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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