Canada student visa application process

In this article we will go over the requirements, the checklist, how to apply, the processing time, the documents, and other aspects of the Canada student visa application process in this article.

A student visa, which is a valid authorization to study in Canada, is issued to a candidate. Before making an application for a visa, students must have the following documents:

1. Letter of acceptance from the designed learning institute (DLI)
2. Candidate passport
3. Medical report
4. Excellent English proficiency
5. Statement of purpose.

Canada student visa application

We will teach you how to submit an online and paper application for a student visa to Canada.

Application online
A valid credit card and access to a camera that can make electronic copies of documents for uploading are required for online applications.

Passports must be delivered to the VFS office by applicants. Candidates are required to submit a finger scan at the local visa application center (VAC). The applicant will also pay and submit the confirmation form.

Application on paper

The application package must be downloaded and read by applicants. The applicants will find important information about the study permit as well as guidance on how to complete their applications in the information guide. Make use of the checklist in the document and make sure you read the instructions completely.

You are only allowed to submit a paper application in two situations:

1. Candidates who are unable to apply online due to disabilities.
2. Candidates who are distinct.

Payment for the processing fee
When submitting an application via Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) by mail or in person, applicants should be informed that visa fees must be paid in addition to VFS global costs. Remember that the processing fee cannot be refunded.


Submit your supporting form and application.
To receive a receipt, applicants must pay their service fee and submit their completed application to the local Visa Facilitation Services Global office. You can use the tracking number on the receipt to keep track of how far along your application is.

Canadian visa requirement for international students.

A number of prerequisites must be met by an international student before they can apply for a student visa to Canada. The prerequisites are:

A Designated Learning Institution (DLI) enrollment is required of candidates.
You must demonstrate to management that you can cover living expenses, tuition, and return transportation (Bank Statement).

Participants must adhere to the law and have no prior convictions.
Students must pass a medical examination and be in excellent health.
An officer will require evidence to demonstrate that you must leave Canada immediately after your permit expires.

Canada student visa checklist.

Candidates should receive an acceptance letter from DLI prior to applying for a student visa. Before submitting an application for a student visa, the following documents must be presented:

1. Passports are required of all participants.
2. It is necessary to demonstrate acceptance letters from the designated learning institution (DLI).
3. Evidence that there is enough money for living expenses, tuition, and other necessities.
4. Two photos in the size of a passport.
5. An obligatory Immigration Medical Examination (IME) must be passed by students.
It is advised that students obtain excellent English language exam scores.
Candidates are required to compose an essay outlining their goal.
Online payment for participants will require credit card use.

Canada student visa cost
A $150 student visa for Canada is required. The standard application fee for all study permits is this amount. In addition, students will be required to pay a biometrics fee of CAD$85.

This charge conceals to fingerprints and photo that was taken by the Canadian government.

Canada student visa processing time

The Canadian government says it could take 14 weeks to process a candidate’s study visa application. It takes some time for your student study permit to arrive. In addition, it is recommended that applicants begin the application process three to six months before departing for Canada.

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