Cecilia Dapaah should be arrested and jailed for keeping that money in her house, not the house help – Shatta Wale demands

Cecilia Dapaah

Shatta Wale, a dancehall musician from Ghana, has requested that Cecilia Dapaah, a former sanitation minister, be detained in relation to a larceny incident involving one million dollars.

Shatta Wale also lamented the status of the music business and the political climate in the nation.

Shatta Wale recently protested what he saw as a lack of accountability and transparency in Ghana’s political system in an Instagram live video.

Shatta Wale questioned politicians’ priorities, saying they should pay more attention to the “foolishness of Ghanaians” than to urgent problems.

He cited the most recent Cecilia Dapaah affair, where it appeared that more focus was placed on the housekeepers who were accused of stealing the money than on the minister herself for keeping such a sizable sum at home.

Look at our politicians, they aren’t studying politics they’re studying the foolishness of Ghanaians. That is why the sanitation minister can have a million dollars stolen from her house and everyone is talking about the house help who stole the money rather than asking why the minister has 1 million dollars in her house,” he queried.

The ‘Shatta Movement’ singer expressed additional worries about what he saw as a gap between national interests and political priorities.


He voiced the opinion that many people who enter politics are motivated more by personal gain than by a sincere desire to advance the nation.

The politicians know that you can’t tell them their faults, and that is why they can do whatever they want. Anybody you see going into politics is going for the money, not in the interest of the people. All of them, apart from me. As you are in Ghana, just pray, because this country will never change, the money will keep going wherever it’s going,” Shatta Wale said.

Shatta Wale’s comments follow reports that two house helpers stole a sizeable sum of money (one million dollars, 300,000 euros) and other valuables from the home of Madam Cecilia Dapaah, a former minister of sanitation.

Public outcry over the episode has sparked additional inquiries into the minister’s numerous accounts.

His words reflect the dissatisfaction of many residents who believe that those in authority are not listening to them and are not doing enough to address their issues.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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