CHRIMESCO students being carried through floods

Last Friday, from 2 to 5pm, a torrential downpour hit Accra, causing severe flooding. Students from the Christian Methodist Senior High School (CHRIMESCO) found themselves in a dangerous predicament. The rain had made the Mallam-Kasoa stretch of the Accra–Cape Coast Road nearly impossible to navigate, trapping them at school.

Despite the risks, the students decided to brave the weather and make their way home. They usually walk to school every day, so they tried to cross the flooded road at Block Factory to catch minibuses home. The scene was alarming, with students being carried on the backs of their peers and others wading through the swift floodwaters, while onlookers shouted warnings.


The students explained that they had no choice but to venture out into the rain, as their homes were far away and they had no idea when the weather would improve. A teacher from the school shared with the Ghanaian Times that this is a recurring issue. Whenever there’s heavy rain, the area around the school floods, making it incredibly difficult for students to get home.

The school itself was also affected by the flood, disrupting classes and other activities. Despite moving from its previous location near the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange due to similar issues, it appears that CHRIMESCO’s struggles with flooding are far from over.

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