Church of Pentecost Frees 40 Prisoners, Gives Them Money To Start Life

Church of Pentecost Frees 40 Prisoners From, Gives Them Money To Start Life

The Church of Pentecost has freed forty (40) Ghanaian prisoners and provided them with funds to help them reintegrate smoothly into their various families and communities, as well as to start income-generating enterprises.

The church paid fines for inmates convicted of various crimes and sentenced to prison terms.

According to, Apostle ADP James Tetteh, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Prison Ministry, revealed this heartwarming gesture during a four-day re-integration Conference held by the Church of Pentecost Prison Ministry at the Pentecost Convention Center.

Speaking at the event on the topic of “Doing an Effective Prison Ministry,” he stated that the church is embarking on a mission to ensure that the word of God reaches all of the country’s prisons.

The man of God bemoaned how false religions and cults are reaching out to prisoners while the gospel is scarce, a situation he described as dangerous to society.

Nsawam prison

He emphasized that only God’s word can offer prisoners God’s forgiveness of sins as well as new values and perspectives in life.

The conference was held from December 5 to 10, 2022. Professional counselors, reformation and rehabilitation experts were brought in to train members of the church’s Prison Ministry Committee and other Prison Ministry workers on how to deal with prisoners.

The now-ex-convicts were baptized in the Holy Spirit during a prayer session led by Ps. Supt. Moses Animah called the Holy Ghost session.

According to, each of the former inmates received an undisclosed amount of financial assistance to start a business or enterprise as part of their reintegration.

In recent years, the Church of Pentecost has made significant investments in the country’s rehabilitation systems.

It has completed two modern Camp Prisons in Ejura and Nsawam, with two more in various stages of completion.


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