Cobra song: The Untold story (Video)

Similar to Patapaa’s One Corner, Obaapa Gladys’ brand-new single “Cobra” woke Ghanaians up last weekend.

The song, which was made by renowned music producer/sound engineer Fred Kyei Mensah, also known as Fredyma, first received little attention, but it now seems to be receiving a lot of attention, with the word “Cobra” being quite helpful on social media.

What is the meaning of the now-viral song “Cobra”? Fred Kyei Mensah said that the song was first created on December 14, 2022 at 12:06 p.m. in a recent Facebook post.

The arrangements were created by Flash Sikk Beatz and Fredyma, with Stephen (Papa Sax) mixing and mastering it. Irene Asare served as the backing vocalist while Ellis Ellis played the guitars.

In his post, Fredyma said creativity has no boundaries once it falls under music.

Read his full post:

Creativity, has no boundaries and once it falls under the music domain, anything at all can happen. Remember Patapaa’s one corner.


Somewhere last year, my colleague in the music production business, Flash Da Sikk Beatz, introduced this lady, Obaapa Gladys to me that, she has a very interesting lyrics about the behavioral patterns of human nature and likened it to a Cobra. I listened to it and within some few minutes, we created a rhythm for her.

Though vocally, she wasn’t the best, we tried to create a chorus with good harmonies, great instrumentation and a good mix to compliment her vocals. I even advised her to let someone sing the song, she didn’t succumb to my proposal.

Fast forward, she released the song early this year on the various music portals and didn’t hear from her again only for me to be receiving tags on my Facebook, Tik tok and Whatsapp since last Friday about a trending video about a song i have produced only to realize that, it was the COBRA song. Boi! I think, the song resonated and connected to Alan’s resignation and his formation of his Movement for Change and Kennedy Agyepong’s unpleasant and unprintable insults on his party so, a lot of social media freaks, used it to troll them 😜.

Indeed, “nipa bi y3 cobra” paa. You will be on a show with someone busily discussing issues, the next available minute, he/she turns into a cobra and bite you. The “cobras” are everywhere in our lives! The church ⛪️, work place, marriage, friendship and businesses. Suro nipa bi nom. Fear human beings.

Good beads don’t rattle”.

Watch Cobra song here:

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