Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi: When Jose Mourinho Settled the Divisive Debate

C.Ronaldo Vs Messi

One of those discussions involving Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will never have a conclusive solution.

With their elite achievements, the two icons have established the sports rivalry for more than ten years.

Jose Mourinho, a seasoned Portuguese manager, once expressed his preference for one of the two candidates.

The issue may lie with you if you haven’t accepted that there will always be a Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi argument.

Each of the veterans has a devoted following that will go to great lengths to demonstrate why one is superior to the other.

The Portuguese manager worked with Ronaldo during his spell at Real Madrid and got the opportunity to observe his countryman for himself. Mourinho on Messi vs Ronaldo.


At the time, the legendary opponent of the former Manchester United player was primarily employed as a center-forward in a false 9 position.

Recently, Ronaldo scored three goals in his new job with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia. His arch-rival, who has played for Paris Saint-Germain for more than a complete season, has never scored a hat-trick for the club, which sparked a new round of discussion.

It was ironic how their positions changed afterwards.

“I keep saying it’s harder to be Cristiano than Lionel Messi. I’ll tell you: Messi grew up in the team he plays for now; with the teammates, he plays with now. Cristiano came from England to a team that was losing.”

To Mourinho, Ronaldo deserved far more credit than the Argentine. It would be interesting to know if he still harbours the same thoughts 11 years later.


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