Dress Hot And Take Care Of Yourself – Archbishop Charles Agyinasare Advises Women

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

Young ladies have been exhorted to continue living a healthy and trendy lifestyle even after being married by Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and head of the World Miracle Church International.
He notes that women frequently stop taking good care of themselves once their spouses present them with the wedding ring.

The Man of God, however, believes that wives should make more of an effort with their beauty and household responsibilities if they want their husbands to be committed to them.

The Man of God claims that in today’s society, males run into highly gorgeous ladies who don’t give a damn whether he’s married and will go to any lengths to have him to themselves.

Therefore, ladies ought to try to look better for the sake of their husbands.

“These days, women believe that getting married and donning the ring is the end of their lives. They no longer take care of themselves as a result. Charlie, you shouldn’t construct a trap for him because there are so many girls in the office, some of whom are now wild, because you husband the type of attractive girls they see. Even if you gave him lunch, when they go out to eat, they buy something for him, he added.

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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