ECG disconnects 3 blocks at Osu Police Barracks over power theft

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has disconnected power supply to three blocks at the Police barracks at Osu.

The disconnection is due to illegal connections by the affected blocks at the barracks.

The illegality was detected by the National Revenue Mobilisation Taskforce of the power distributor on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The External Communications Manager at ECG, Madam Laila Abubakari briefing the media said they have the mandate to disconnect such illegal connections before attending to the real issue at hand.

“Since it’s an illegal connection, we have the first right to disconnect before we deal with issues.”

Disclosing when power will be restored to the barracks, Madam Laila said until the Ghana Police Service clears up the over 12months bill, the barracks cannot be reconnected to the power grid.

“The Ghana Police Service would have to come to ECG where a bill will be generated for them covering a period of 12 months.”


“The administration block also owes, but due to security implications, we’ve spared that facility while we discuss further the amount involved. We consider the police accommodation facilities (blocks) a general facility hence the disconnection”.

This follows the power company’s massive disconnection operation on Monday, March 20, in an effort to collect a debt of GH¢5.7 billion

ECG asked its customers to pay up or be disconnected from the grid.

The company says it risks shutting down if they are unable to clear an outstanding $1 billion owed to some Independent Power Producers (IPP) hence the revenue mobilisation drive.

As a result, the Managing Director of ECG, Mr Samuel Dubik Mahama has said a halt in the exercise could be dire for the company.

“How do we pay the Independent Power Producers? How do we pay GRIDCo? How do we pay VRA? It is a shared responsibility.

“Please let’s just do the right thing, because I don’t even have the moral right after sending somebody out of the office to pick up the phone and call him and say ‘hello, can you cut X, Y and Z slack? No’ then what is the moral of the exercise?”’ he questioned.


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