END TIME: The Mexican Mayor marries his crocodile bride in a colourful wedding ceremony and makes love with it [Watch Video]

Victor Hugo Sosa, the mayor of Mexico City, is said to have married an alligator in an old custom to honor his indigenous ancestry and to bring good fortune to his neighborhood.

Victor Hugo Sosa, the mayor of a small town called San Pedro Huamula, married the reptile, who was adorned in a traditional white robe that represents nature and divinity.

According to Anadolu Agency, the marriage between the deity and the community’s leader symbolizes the merging of the divine and humans.


The event shows the syncretism prevalent in indigenous communities and Mexican culture, in which pre-Hispanic customs coexist with Catholic activities.

“My marriage to the lizard. This is a unique tradition in our town… “It represents the merger of two civilizations, the Huave people of San Mateo del Mar and our town of San Pedro Huamelula, the union of these two cultures through which our people reach abundance,” Hugo Sosa stated.

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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