Farmer chops off his scrotum while dreaming that he was cutting meat

Bloody knife

A farmer in the Central Region’s Assin Akomfode dreamed he was cutting meat, only to awaken to find himself in a pool of his own blood before learning he had hacked off his scrotum.

The victim, Kofi Atta, is currently in critical but stable condition at St Francis Xavier hospital in Assin Fosu, awaiting transfer to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) for advanced treatment, according to

According to reports, Atta’s relatives were unable to afford GH600 to fuel an ambulance provided by the National Ambulance Service to transport him to KATH, therefore he remained at St Francis Xavier hospital.

Adwoa Konadu, Atta’s wife, is alleged to have stated that this is not the first time her husband has engaged in an activity while sleeping, adding that the victim sometimes walks, talks, and fights while sleeping.

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Atta ended up hurting his genitals during one of these incidents.

It is suspected that the victim was suffering from parasomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by strange and unpleasant bodily sensations or experiences that disrupt sleep.


In other news, a young man was brought to the Central Region’s Our Lady of Grace Hospital after the husband of a woman to whom he had given GHC 5 to buy food for her child inflicted severe knife wounds on him and severed one of his arms.

The heinous crime occurred in Brema Kuntunasi, in the Breman Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District.

The suspect, Akwesi Amisah, was also said to be in severe condition as a result of alleged beatings at the hands of people who arrested him before giving him over to the police.

When Amisah returned to the scene and saw that the victim had handed his wife money while he was away, he became enraged and reached for a machete, with which he jumped on the victim and badly butchered him, leaving him in critical condition.

The man was transported to the hospital, where physicians stated that the extent of the injuries was grave.


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