Father Boils 8-year-Old Daughter’s Hand For Destroying Neighbour’s Phone

According to Bright Mawuena, he submerged his daughter’s left hand in boiling water till her fingers were scorched and injured as punishment for breaking a neighbor’s phone when she was eight years old.
In the vicinity of Iconic Montessori School in Abonya, Dodowa, in the Greater Accra Region, this happened on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

The father acknowledged inflicting harm on the child when questioned by the area pastor, Bishop Jordan K. Owiredu of Redeemed Family Chapel International.

Bishop Owiredu told ClassFMonline.com that this morning he overheard a number of enraged neighbors interrogating the man about the incident (Friday, 23 September 2022). He had gone to see his construction job nearby.

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A couple of them could be overheard condemning the father and requesting to be taken to the police station before he killed his own daughter.

In order to report the incident to the police in Dodowa, Bishop Owiredu took the man by the hand and personally walked him there.

On the route to the police station, the father explained to the pastor that he had punished his daughter in this manner because he had become tired of nagging her to not steal from or touch other people’s stuff.

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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