Ghanaian actress Selly Galley has reportedly given birth after 8 years of marriage

Selly Galley

In September 2015, Ghanaian artiste Praye Tietia and Selly Galley got married. After that, the couple lived happily ever after in love. However, since the beginning of their marriage, they have received criticism and jeers for not having children.

Selly and Praye Tietia’s story has been altered as a result of a recent developing report that the Ghanaian actress has given birth to twins.

Sel The Bomb, a Snapchat gossip writer, published the information in a post claiming that the couple had welcomed their twins a few weeks ago in the United States.

After 8 years of marriage, Praye Tietia and actress Selley Galley have welcomed their first children together. Sel The Bomb has been reliably informed that the wife of the musician welcomed twins a few weeks ago in the U.S” the gossip blogger wrote.

Selly Galley and her husband have not yet publicly reaffirmed the news. Nevertheless, the actress has received a flood of congratulations.

I’m so happy for them. Dear God, please protect this beautiful family and preserve their happiness in Jesus’ name!” a fan wrote with another adding that “Congratulations to them.. selly has really suffered in netizens hands becos of kids”.


In 2020, Selley Galley, a Ghanaian actress, came out and blasted a social media user who had been regularly harassing her on the platform. The actress was described as having “horror face and barren woman” by a social media user going by the handle Henewaa_Piesie2 in a comment.

Selley Galley claims that the social media user left similar remarks on her stolen account and came back today to add more. Selley bombarded her with curses in a lengthy post on her Instagram page in response to her comment.

I blocked you on my verified page for similar comment, today you’re back here with more. I won’t let this slide,” Selley Galley said. “For these ignorant words of insults that came out of your mouth to me, seeking to cause me pain and unhappiness for absolutely nothing I’ve done to you or your family…”

Then, she dropped the curses: “I say to you this Wednesday noon of October 14th, 2020 that you will not live to prosper and be happy. You will have a lifetime of bad luck and depression. Everything you touch, say or do will bring unexplainable misery to you. Your generation will pass on the curse of infertility, unhappiness, madness and misery I call upon you this day. May your business go from bad to worse.

SOURCE: Tie News

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