Ghanaian Men Were Afraid To Approach Me – Prof. Effah Kaufmann On Why She Married A White Man

Professor Elsie Effah Kaufman

Professor Elsie A. B. Effah Kaufmann, the well-liked host of the National Science and Maths Quiz, has opened up a little bit about her personal life.
The Quiz Mistress, who has captured the hearts of many Ghanaians, has chosen to open up about her love life to her fans.

In a recent visit on the Delay show last week, Prof. Kaufmann disclosed that she had previously been married to a Whiteman with whom she has three lovely children.
She replied while laughing when Delay questioned her why she didn’t settle down with a Ghanaian man;

“No one from Ghana stepped up.”

Prof. Kaufmann, who has kept her private affairs hidden from the public, also admitted that she is currently divorced. She admitted to Delay that she was no longer married.

But Prof. Kaufmann is open to falling in love once more.

It depends, maybe if I find the right person, she said.

She doesn’t have the time to cultivate a man to her tastes, she also made it obvious.


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