Ghana’s oldest mosque in Bole almost collapsing

Located in Bole, in the Savannah Region, stands the Bole Mosque, a historic gem. This spiritual haven for locals is also a point of interest for many visitors worldwide, thanks to its unique architectural style that mirrors the renowned Larabanga Mosque.

Constructed about four centuries ago using mud and wooden poles for reinforcement, the mosque has weathered time without any significant renovation.

Historic Bole Mosque

However, its resilience has been put to the test recently. The wooden rafters supporting the roof, now infested with termites, have led to leakage during rainfall.

The vulnerability of this structure was brought into sharp focus when a heavy downpour on September 17 caused flooding in the Bole community. The mosque almost collapsed, an event that drew international attention and sparked calls for its reconstruction.


Despite the local community’s efforts to rebuild, there’s a shared belief that these measures might not be enough to preserve this 400-year-old structure. Deen Jabagtey, the mosque’s secretary, expressed the community’s commitment to maintaining the mosque’s history and structure, but he acknowledged the need for refurbishment. He believes that redevelopment will help conserve its history.

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Jabagtey also highlighted the mosque’s spiritual significance, noting that many visitors come to pray for success. However, he lamented that despite its importance, the mosque has received little attention from the government and the Ghana Tourism Authority.

The Savannah Region houses four mosques – Bole, Larabanga, Maluwe, and Banda Nkwanta. These mosques showcase a unique architectural style influenced by ancient Sudan, which contributed to the growth of Islamic communities in northern Ghana, particularly in the Gonja and Wala states. 

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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