Government offered me money, appointment to stop demo – Oliver Vormawor

Oliver Barker Vormawor, the spearhead of the ‘Fix the Country’ movement, has made some serious allegations against the government. He claims that they have attempted to bribe and coerce leaders of demonstrations to cease their activities.

In an interview with TV3, Barker Vormawor revealed that he had been approached multiple times by the president and the security minister while he was residing in the United Kingdom. They wanted to discuss potential ways to halt the ongoing demonstrations and other activist movements in the country. Despite these attempts to dissuade him, Barker Vormawor remained steadfast in his commitment to the cause.


He continued to organize the inaugural ‘Fix the Country’ demonstration, an act that led to his arrest for allegedly disrupting law and order in the country. Regardless of this setback, Barker Vormawor and his fellow activists were undeterred. Their love for the country and desire for change outweighed any fear of reprisal.

Barker Vormawor further stated that the national security minister, Kan Dapaah, had threatened them with arrest if they persisted with their actions. Dapaah allegedly claimed that he would rather die than allow any more demonstrations to occur in the country. Despite these threats and alleged attempts to prevent them from rallying the public, the ‘Fix the Country’ movement remains resolute in their mission to hold the government accountable to the citizens.

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