GSA In Hot Water After Junior Staff Slumps To His Death While Arguing With Manager

Following the passing of a coworker, some Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) employees, primarily junior staff, were dressed in red and black on Wednesday, April 26.

An IT officer reportedly passed out following a confrontation with the director of administration, according to information acquired by

Despite being taken directly to the hospital, he was given a stroke diagnosis and passed away three days later.

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The agitated workers are demanding results of an investigation into the death of their colleague.

They drummed and danced on the premises to draw attention to management about the incident, which has been more than a month.

Deputy General Secretary of the Public Service Workers Union John Sampan told Media General‘s Richard Bright Addo that the workers had written to management but nothing had been heard except a durbar addressed by the Chief Executive Officer.

“They feel that whatever happened, management has just made it a foolish case and that they are not addressing to know the root cause.”


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