Gunmen Threaten Messi, Shoot Up family-owned Supermarket

Sad Messi

Before fleeing on motorcycles, two gunmen in Argentina shot at least 12 times into a store run by in-laws of Lionel Messi and left him a threatening letter, according to local authorities.

The assault happened early on Thursday in Rosario, Messi’s birthplace and the third-largest city in the country, which is located about 185 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.

The crime scene

Violence related to drugs has been a problem in the community recently. The assault on the Unico supermarket, which is run by Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo’s family, left no one hurt.

According to police, according to The Associated Press, the gunmen named Messi and Rosario’s mayor Pablo Javkin in their letter before fleeing.

“Messi, we’re waiting for you,” the note reads. “Javkin is also a drug trafficker, so he won’t take care of you.”

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Messi has not publicly addressed the attack.


Javkin addressed the attack and portrayed it as an effort “to create chaos in the city,” AFP reports.

“What story goes more quickly viral in the world than an attack on Messi?” Javkin said, per AFP.

While viewing the attack site, he also retaliated against federal officials.

“Where are the ones who need to take care of us?” Javkin said, per AP. “It’s clear that those who have the weapons and have the possibility of investigating the criminals aren’t doing it, and it’s very easy for any gang to carry out something like this.”

Anbal Fernández, the federal government’s security minister, described the assault as typical drug-related violence that has occurred in Rosario “for the last 20 years,” according to AP.


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