Guru shows off over a dozen apartments he has built in Kumasi

Popular Ghanaian musician Guru, has given fans an exclusive tour of his extensive array of apartments in Kumasi.

Spread across a vast land, more than 15 distinct buildings proudly stood with varying numbers of rooms.

Among them, some feature three bedrooms, while others offer two, providing a diverse range of options to potential renters. During the tour, Guru expressed his enthusiasm for his growing real estate venture.

He shared that investing in rental apartments was a carefully considered decision that he sees as a smart move for his financial future. The artiste said he believes in the value of diversifying his investments, and real estate has proven to be a rewarding avenue.


Guru elaborated on his deliberate decision to invest in rental apartments, a choice he views as astute and forward-thinking for his financial trajectory. With a clear sense of the importance of diversification in his investments, he confidently attested that real estate has proven to be a fruitful avenue, aligned with his long-term objectives.

The artist’s achievements have garnered widespread admiration from fellow Ghanaians. Heartfelt congratulations and applause have poured in for Guru, acknowledging his well-earned triumph in this venture.


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