Guy cries his eyes out as Circle boys give him an empty box as a phone after paying over Ghc 15,000

A TikTok video of a Ghanaian man’s unfortunate phone shopping experience has captured the attention of many viewers.

The video shows how the man went to Circle in Accra to buy a phone, but ended up being scammed by a cunning seller.

The man was lured by the attractive price and appearance of the phone, which was sealed in a box with a brand name and specifications.

He must have bargained with the seller and agreed to pay the amount, trusting that the box contained what it promised.

He did not bother to open the box and inspect the phone at the market, thinking that he had made a good deal.


However, when he got home and eagerly opened the box, he was shocked and dismayed to find that there was nothing inside the box except some pieces of paper.

He had been duped by a clever scammer who had taken advantage of his naivety and excitement.

The video reveals the man’s frustration and disappointment as he realises that he had wasted his money and time on a fake phone.

SOURCE: Ghpage

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