“Having a boyfriend strengthened my marriage”-Alexis Watts

Alexis Watts, a mental health therapist and mother of three, is currently on an unconventional path of love. She’s in a polyamorous relationship with her husband, Christopher, and a boyfriend.

This dynamic emerged after her first marriage ended, leaving her feeling like she had more love to give.

She met Christopher at a swingers event, and they decided to keep their relationship open. They’ve been happily married for four years, while also maintaining relationships with other people. Alexis has a boyfriend of two years, who she says meets needs that her husband can’t.

Her journey into polyamory began after her first marriage ended. She felt a void, like there was more love she could give. Initially resisting her polyamorous instincts, everything fell into place after meeting Christopher and discussing the concept of polyamory.


Her boyfriend, a therapist, offers her deep, emotionally rich conversations, which she greatly appreciates. Alexis, now expecting her fourth child, is eager to debunk misconceptions about polyamory.

She insists it’s not all about sex but about forming meaningful relationships and sharing love. She also wants to clarify that polyamorous individuals are not interested in stealing others’ partners, but in consensual relationships.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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