I don’t mind collaborating with Shatta wale on a song but I have to write the lyrics – Rev Yabs

Rev. YABS, a musician and gospel music legend from Ghana, claims that working with dancehall artist Shatta Wale won’t be an issue because he will be in charge of determining the song’s content.

The Minister of God stated that he would accept a cooperation offer from Shatta Wale if it came with a condition in an interview with Ama Serwah Sarpong on Akoma FM.

“If Shatta Wale wants to work with me, I’ll allow it but I’ll determine the words of the song, not him,” he said.

He claims that he would carefully review the material the “Dancehall King” hitmaker contributes and ensure that the tune produced as a result of their collaboration is a stunning work.


“If the content is not good, I will not sing and I will not allow him to do it as well. I will show him the right thing so that we will make the upcoming track a beautiful one,” he stated.

When asked about criticism from the public, Rev. Yaw Agyeman Badu, commonly known as Rev. YABS, remarked that if he collaborates with Shatta Wale, nothing of the such will be said about him, specifically his appearance.

Again, when we are going to do the show, I will make him dress in a way that for someone who doesn’t know Shatta Wale or hasn’t seen him before, will have no negative comment about how he looks,” he indicated.

In addition, he noted that “The condemnation that is done by the masses is not right. The bible talks about not judging people.”

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