“ I found out my 50 year old baby daddy was still married with 5 kids after I gave birth” – Sandra Ankobia

At the tender age of 22, Sandra found herself in an unforeseen circumstance, carrying the child of a man twice her age. Prior to this, she was in a serious relationship with a man her age, Kay. But life took an unexpected turn when she met an older man in her neighborhood.

Their relationship blossomed unexpectedly, and soon Sandra found herself deeply involved with him, leading to her pregnancy. But the situation took a more complicated turn when she discovered that her lover had been dishonest about his life.

He had told her he was a father to two, but in truth, he had five children from previous relationships. This revelation caused a storm in Sandra’s life, shattering the image she had of the man she was with.

Adding another layer to the complexity, she found out that the man, who had claimed to be divorced, was still married. This revelation raised doubts about the sincerity of her partner and shook Sandra to her core.

Her interview on the Delay Show gave us a rare insight into the personal life of the Ghanaian actress. We got to see her vulnerability and strength as she faced the challenges life threw at her.


Sandra’s story underscores the complexity of relationships and the crucial role of honesty and transparency. It serves as a reminder that life can be unpredictable, and it’s important to be cautious and discerning in relationships.

Her candidness about her experiences promotes open discussions about love’s complexities and the importance of trust and authenticity in romantic relationships.

Moreover, her story shines a light on the resilience and growth that can come from life’s most challenging situations. Sandra’s journey led her to a deeper understanding of herself and her priorities.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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