I have been stealing my school kids for rituals for over 2 years but I want to quit

A young Ghanaian teacher has shared a very cruel story of how she used to steal her school kids for a man. Read the story below:

I am not a bad person as a matter of fact but situations compelled me to do certain things I am not proud of. I want to share this with you and if after this I am not free, I may just have to go and confess for what to happen to happen.

I am a teacher in a nursery school. I have been teaching for close to eight years now. I did something four years ago when I was in the school I moved from to where I am currently and I did it here too last year. I feel extremely terrible, especially now that I am pregnant.

I am now feeling what it takes to be a mother and how it will hurt for someone to do what I did to me.

Four years ago, I was 24 and naïve. Despite teaching, I was equally in many relationships because of money. When a man approaches me, what I first consider is his ability to take care of me. I was doing that also because I was in a way expecting that I will meet someone rich enough who would love and want to marry me.

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I was going to work one day when a car stopped by and the driver asked for my number. A man that will be in his 30’s. He called later and said he had seen me going to work, he even knew the name of my school.

He said he had been monitoring me because he likes me and wanted to help me. I thought he was going to ask for us to be in a relationship but he told me he had someone so we can be friends with benefit.

He explained that his idea of friends with benefit isn’t sexx but helping each other out. He didn’t tell me what he wanted from me though but he was there. He checked up regularly, took me out to places and gave me money. He even rented a new place for me and eventually started having sexx with me.

The sexx, I asked for it because he was doing a lot for me and wasn’t taking anything from me. I just loved him uncontrollably so I begged him for it. He still told me it will be just sexx because he doesn’t want a relationship with me yet. For almost eight months he was in my life. I didn’t even look at any other man again. He was doing everything I needed for me.
Bra Kwaku, he asked to meet me one day and when I went, we had a deep emotional conversation.

He told me that he didn’t have a girlfriend anywhere that he lied and that he isn’t in any relationship because he can’t father a child. He said he had an accident when he was growing blah blah blah. Then he asked me to give him a child for him to adopt and take abroad. I didn’t get it till he said that he wanted me to steal a child from my class for him. I suggested the orphanage but he refused.

He said I should just give him two kids from my class so he takes them with him, change their names to his and send them abroad. He also said he would like to later marry me to be their mother, after they had forgotten all about their parents. It was hard for me but I agreed to do it.


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So I selected two kids and came to show pictures of them to him, a boy and a girl. He approved and we arranged that I will send the kids out then he comes to pick them. I thought he had good intentions for them and because he proved to be a good person, I agreed.

When the day came, I took all the kids to the park and then when we came back inside later, I asked the two kids I selected to go to the park and find something I had left there. They went and didn’t return. We were 2 in the class, I did this without the other lady noticing so when she realized the other two were missing, we both searched everywhere for them.

It was a whole issue, we were queried and even spent two nights in the police cell.

Their parents were very sad. It took a long time for everyone to admit the kids were lost, the school was shutdown eventually. The news was all over, I don’t know if you saw (four years back). I felt bad so I took my rent and left that town after it was calm.

The man was still there and texting me. He encouraged me not to worry and gave me some money, it was a lot. He suggested I still find a teaching job here in cape coast that he wasn’t ever going to worry me with that again.

Just last year, he eventually managed to get me to give him one child again. I wasn’t going to do it but he deceived me. I really was not going to do it because I always wondered if he really sent those kids abroad or did something to them. He never talked about them and if I insist, he will say they are abroad and he doesn’t have pictures or any update of them yet.

He had money and the way he was giving me money, I just felt he might be doing something to the children. The second time, I insisted I wasn’t going to do it because I was even in a serious relationship and the guy even wanted me to quit teaching.

The man later convinced me that he was going to send me abroad with establish me if I wanted so I agreed and linked him with another child. The school had issues but it was better here. After it was all over, I decided that I wasn’t going to teach this year and then I got pregnant too.

The man disappeared from my life but I have pictures of him just in case anything is linked to me.

I feel sorry Bra KWaku, I regret doing all these and I am scared I might not enjoy my life because of this. He gave me the money alright but I don’t know what to use it for yet. If he is not a ritualist, why would he make it impossible to reach him till now? I want to get this off my chest.

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