I have four boyfriends who satisfy my needs, married woman confesses

In a rather unconventional revelation, a woman has shared details about her intricate romantic life, leaving many social media users puzzled by her candid confession.

The woman insinuated a lack of fidelity to her spouse, admitting to having multiple extramarital relationships. Despite her marriage, she openly acknowledged having benefactors who, in her opinion, treated her better than her husband.

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She expressed a certain level of fulfillment derived from having these benefactors, a sentiment she shared with the interviewer with a noticeable grin. The woman revealed that she had four benefactors who provided for her needs outside her marriage. She lauded these men, stating they were superior and more affectionate than her husband who remained at home.


“I am in a marital relationship, I have a husband, but in addition to that, I have four benefactors. It’s impossible to live without a benefactor,” she further added.

She explained that she manages to allocate time for all five men in her life, with her husband being the main recipient of her attention at home. However, when she steps out, she can meet her other four partners, ensuring each one has their designated time with her.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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