I may have done worse in MOGMusic’s Twitter fight – Cwesi Oteng

Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng has waded in on a recent banter that ensued between MOGMusic and some Twitter users.

In the midst of the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest, gospel performer MOGMusic posted a message on Twitter urging people to quit supporting the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This sparked venomous criticism from some tweeps. He responded as well, using language that some had deemed offensive and unworthy of a gospel musician.

MOGMusic stated in a since-deleted tweet that he wouldn’t mind insulting anyone who did the same to him.

Boy am not your average Gospel Artist oo. So don’t think you will come into my space and insult me and go free. I speak my mind on issues without insulting anyone. If you disagree it’s fine we can debate. But if you try to insult me Boy you go hear am,” he wrote.

He then gave an explanation for his conduct on UTV, emphasizing that he was a street kid and wouldn’t think twice about getting even if someone mistreated him.

On JOY FM’s Twitter Spaces, Cwesi Oteng shared his thoughts on the situation and said he would not criticize MOGMusic’s actions because he was unsure of what may have prompted them.

I won’t judge MOGMusic that he didn’t do well. Me I have been judged on social media, on e-levy, to endorsements,” he noted.


He claimed that occasionally, when someone is being attacked, other people might not comprehend what they might be going through.

I won’t come here to tell MOG to give it a try. Maybe I’ll do worse if I’m in that circumstance,” he hinted.

He continued by saying that social media has turned nasty, with users scaring, trolling, and abusing one another.

“People have no respect for elders, hard work, people’s talents, people’s contribution to national development, or people’s contribution to the Christian body,” he stated.

Some of the insults, according to the ‘God Dey Bless Me’ singer, sometimes come from Christians. Most frequently, they don’t respect others because of customs that they were taught in their churches.

He claimed that these people have little respect for Christian musicians because they perceive them as miniature billboard corners, and as a result, they do not regard gospel singers as worthy of respect.

Other panelists, such as the broadcaster Austine Woode, the talent manager Nii Noi, Joy Prime’s Roselyn Feli, Max FM’s Franky 5, and gospel presenters Fifi Folson and OB Nartey, denounced his behavior.

They emphasized that while it was normal for a human to make mistakes, his reason for coming from the streets was defeatist of Christian and born-again beliefs.

Source: Senali News Ghana

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