I might do my National Service but I’m still contemplating – Tulenkey


Ghanaian rapper Chief Osei Bonsu, also known as Tulenkey, has said he is still debating whether or not to do his national service after earning his college degree.

The composer disclosed that he has not yet begun his National Service because he is still debating whether or not he wants to participate in it to Felicia Osei on Adwuma Adwuma on Onua FM.

“Everything is fine. I haven’t started National Service yet but I will eventually. I’m still contemplating. I might do it,” he stated and added jovially that “I can add the money paid to that of mine to get $1million.’

When queried about the department he would like to offer his service, the alumnus of Adisadel College revealed that “I think maybe a media house since I studied sound engineering.”

Tulenkey talked about how life has changed since he graduated from the Abromedia Institute, where he studied sound engineering. He recalled how challenging it was to balance music and school at the time, despite getting some outstanding scores.


He also talked about some of the difficulties that came with being a well-known figure and a student.

Everything is fine. Before completing school, I was doing music and that’s what I’ve been up to. At first, juggling both of them was an issue. It was kind of difficult but I was able to cope. My grades were okay. Everything has been on point and cool,” the rapper often hailed as the “Heir to Rap Music in Ghana said.

Tulenkey, the ‘Child Abuse’ rapper continued, “All eyes were on me. I wasn’t getting that ‘alone time’ as everyone had their eyes on me. You’re even scared to make mistakes. It was quite uncomfortable.”

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SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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