“I no you senior me, I get money pass your papa” Netizens connect Rema’s song Charm to his rumored relationship with Justine Skye

Justine Skye and Rema

Following a viral video of Rema and Justin Skye in a restaurant celebrating her birthday, netizens have been quick to drop their varying opinions. Speculations have abounded that the singers could be in a relationship.

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While others are focused on the fact that Justine Skye and Wizkid used to date, some others are focused on more minute details. Fans noted that Rema may have hinted at his relationship with Justine Skye earlier in the year when he released the single “Charm”.

One of the song’s most famous phrases is “Come here wetin dey worry you.” Bring make I rock you, I no you senior me but I get money pass your papa”


People believe the lyrics are a reference to his reported relationship with Justine Skye. Justine Skye is 28 years old, whereas Rema is 23 years old, a 5-year age gap. As a result, there has been suspicion that the song may have alluded to their relationship.

Rema and Justine Skye first fueled relationship speculations in 2021 when they released a single together.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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