I stopped going to church because they refused to support my career – Rex Omar

Rex Omar

Rex Omar, a well-known highlife artist and producer from Ghana, revealed that he had issues with his religious community because they weren’t supportive of his musical ambitions.

He admitted that he even stopped going to church after they refused to provide him financial support so he could record a song that ultimately became popular.

On August 16, 2023, Rex Omar claimed that he encountered difficulties when he wanted to pursue music. He made this statement on the Asaase Breakfast Show. His father was dubious since he believed that musicians were not well-off in those days.

Rex Omar recalled, “I used to be involved with the church a lot. We would go for prayers at Atwea Mountain and all that. So, one day I asked my pastor if the church could help fund my recording because I wanted to go to the studio. But the pastor told me that the church board couldn’t provide the funds. That was the moment I decided to stop going to church.”

He continued, “I found someone outside the church who was willing to support my recording. Surprisingly, that recording, which was a gospel song, became a big hit.”


Rex Omar stated that he didn’t see any point in wasting his time if he wasn’t receiving financial support from the church for penning gospel songs from the same Bible his pastor used to lecture.

Rex Omar underlined that despite not going to church, he still has a close relationship with his faith.

Rex Omar, born Rex Owusu Marfo, is a highlife musician from Ghana. With the release of the album Aware Pa, which also featured the song Wodofo Ne Hwan, he initially gained notoriety in 1989. After that, he joined forces with other Highlife musicians Nat Brew and Akosua Agyapong to form the Highlife Supergroup Nakorex in 1992.

The name of the group is an acronym made up of the initial letters of each member’s name.He then pursued a career as a soloist. Together with Sony Achiba, he performed. Omar was a nominee for a Kora award in 2004 and for Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards in 2005.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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