“I wasn’t earning up to 100k when I started acting” Destiny Etiko reflects on her career journey as she toots her horn

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko is reflecting on her humble beginnings.

Destiny said, when posting a clip from one of her earlier Nollywood films, that she didn’t earn up to N100k when she first started acting, but that has since changed.

Destiny noted that her passion for her job, which she still finds overwhelming, is what kept her going.

Tooting her horns, she hailed herself for being a strong and energetic goddess since her early days.


Your girl has always been a very strong and energetic goddess from day 1.
“The passion I have always had for my job still overwhelms me till today. Nothing was coming out much as of then but I never gave up in the pursuit of what I wanted.

“If I tell u I wasn’t earning up to 100k per movie as of the time I shot this movie, can’t believe it. But today REVERSE IS THE CASE.
ALL GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY. Just bumped into it on YouTube”

SOURCCE: Senali News Ghana

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