Ignorance and misinformation – Afia Pokuaa reacts to “LGBTQI” lights at Jubilee House

Media personality Afia Pokuaa also known as Vim Lady has lambasted some Ghanaians associating the lights lit at the Jubilee House with LGBTQI.

As part of the visit by US Vice President, Kamala Harris, the Jubilee house was designed with led lights with the colors of the Ghana flag and the US flag.

However, a lot of people have read meanings into the colors lit at the Jubilee house.

There have been agitations and confusion in the country after the vice president of America, Kamala Harri mentioned in her speech that the rights of the LGBTQI community have been infringed by not passing the bill into law

However, some critics misconstrued the incident instead claiming that the two flags put side by side reflected the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ+ movement.

In reaction to the rumors going around online, Afia Pokuaa has lambasted Ghanaians for spreading misinformation about the lights lit at the Jubilee House.

“The level of IGNORANCE and MISINFORMATION in this country is at an epic level. How can anyone say that the jubilee house has been draped with LGBTQ+ colors yet the same people were jubilating when the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was lit with Ghana colours????? Seriously? It doesn’t take you taking an international relations class to understand these basic things oh

“Ghana has moved from producing tires, batteries, and glass to a state where we can’t even produce commercial starch from cassava and this is the issue that we are focusing on. ASSUMING IT WAS RAINBOW COLORS, SO GOD DIDN’T CREATE THE RAINBOW AFTER THE NOAH FLOOD EH,” she added.

SOURCE: GHbase.com

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