Kasoa Man Takes His Own Chair Into Trotro And Argues To Pay Only Half of The Lorry Fare

Since the fee for public transportation was raised in response to the rise in gasoline prices, social media platforms have been dominated by Trotro news.
When customers aren’t picking fights with their friends over new rates, it’s drivers who refuse to move because passengers have insulted them.

You will be astounded by the most recent hilarious Trotro news, which will blow your mind.

A man thought to be from Kasoa brought his own chair with him as he made his way to a Trotro station and offered to pay only half the fare.

The individual contended that because he is not occupying a seat on the Trolley, he should only be required to pay half of the full cost.

An image showing the guy sitting in the Trotro on what seems to be a kitchen stool has been found on the internet

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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