Kwame A-Plus criticizes NPP’s letter to UTV for program reform

Kwame A-Plus, a political activist and media figure, has harshly criticized and called into question the New Patriotic Party’s letter to UTV.

He has raised serious concerns about the letter’s appropriateness and content, implying that it represents an effort to curtail press freedom and assert control over editorial viewpoints and media content.

The party’s attempt to undermine the constitutional clause protecting media independence has angered A-Plus, who said, “This letter is horrible since we have received threatening calls from people plotting to disrupt the broadcast. Members of the NPP should desist from taking such activities and should stop sending out such letters. This letter is ludicrous.


He continued by asserting, “No one in this country can dictate what we do on this show, especially when the president is a seasoned lawyer and someone who believes in the rule of law.”

A-Plus tore up a copy of the letter and urged the political group not to ever send another scary letter as a sign of his frustration.

The NPP leadership has requested a reform of the Despite Media Group’s primetime entertainment program, United Showbiz, in a letter to them.

The UTV panel on the show has regularly lambasted the administration, raising questions about the show’s motivations and inspiring the call for reform, the party expressed worry.

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