Last words of Madam Afia Ahenkan before the Houseboy killed her will make you cry

The tragic tale of the woman who met her untimely demise at the hands of her male houseboy, whom she had employed for less than two weeks, has become a compelling subject of discussion both in social and traditional media.

For those among our valued readers who are not yet familiar with the story, here is the complete account:

A young man by the name of Alister John was hired by the late Madam Afia Ahenkan to serve as a security guard at her residence.

Astonishingly, within a mere fortnight of being granted employment, this young man committed an atrocious act that has captured significant attention on various social media platforms.

The horrifying incident in question revolves around the brutal murder of his employer, Afia Ahenkan. Shockingly, his actions did not stop at taking her life; he also absconded with some of her personal possessions, including her car.

Yesterday, it was reported that Alister John had been finally apprehended.

In a video obtained by our news team, Alister John can be seen in police custody, handcuffed, and he appears to be pleading for his life. He also expresses his intent to return the stolen items.


n the aftermath of this tragic incident, additional details have come to light regarding the final moments of the victim before she tragically passed away.

According to an online post that chronicles the sorrowful events surrounding her death, Afia Ahenkan had planned to attend an event at her 11-year-old daughter’s school.

After dropping her daughter off at school, she hurriedly returned home. Tragically, she was confronted by a group that included Alister, her houseboy, and they subjected her to a horrific ordeal that left her in pieces.

During the terrifying ordeal, while on a phone call with a close female friend, Afia Ahenkan screamed in desperation, uttering her last words, “They are Killing Me O!”

These haunting words were spoken on the very day she had intended to attend a significant event at her daughter’s school, marking a heartbreaking turn of events.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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