LEAP beneficiaries to receive GH 424 in joint cycle

Starting September 4, 2023, bi-monthly cash grants for the 85th and 86th cycles are being distributed by the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection. These are given jointly to households that qualify.

A single eligible member in a household will receive GHS256.00, as stated by the Ministry. If there are two members, they’ll get GHS304.00. A household with three members will get GHS352.00.

And if a household has four or more members? They’ll receive GHS424.00.


We appreciate the support of all partners and stakeholders in ensuring that the poor and vulnerable in Ghana have an opportunity to smoothen their consumption and promote human capital development in their households, community and ultimately the country,” the Ministry said.

The government doubled the LEAP payment due to the worsening global socio-economic crisis. So, a household with one eligible member now gets GHS128 instead of GHS64.00. Those with two eligible members receive GHS152 instead of GHS76.00, and households with three members get GHS176.00, up from GHS88.00.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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