Let’s treat players well when they are alive than going to their funeral and showing them fake love- Sonnie Badu tells GFA after Atsu’s burial

Ghanaian singer and gospel minister Sonnie Badu, who resides in the US, has urged the Ghana Football Association to handle its players with respect and to refrain from playing to empty seats once they have passed away.

He made this remark in the wake of Christian Atsu’s passing, recalling with sorrow how the player, who he

noticed was once dubbed Ghana’s Lionel Messi despite his prior successes with the team, was fired from

the Black Stars.

He claimed that Atsu’s dismissal from the Black Stars unintentionally affected his mental state, and in

an effort to establish himself, he joined lower-level European teams. Additionally, he used Jerry

Akaminko as an example of how the FA quickly “use and dump” players.

The renowned gospel musician who is noted for his monster hit, ‘Baba’ said the FA should not wait for the players to die before ‘doing show.’

Here’s what he posted;

Dear GFA @chris_atsu has been finally laid to rest. However, let me say this .. Let this be a reform of

mindset and a change of attitude…. I know our @ghana_fa_official chairman will do things differently I

heard in recent interviews people saying that he was the Messi of Ghana… Well you guys retired him quick

– whiles Messi is still playing the World Cup… Messi is 35 and Astu was 31 …

Let us learn how to make players feel important while they are alive. We should not wait for something to

happen to them before we take over their funeral expenses and all of that.

We know that, most of the players get injured during international duties And it is to no suprise, that

they end up losing their position, in their club teams and also national teams…. That’s why players like

@thomaspartey5 would rather put their 💯 in club rather than national teams…

@jakaminko was at his peak when he got injured playing for Ghana and everyone suddenly forgot about him…

He ended up playing for a low division Turkish team – that he had fighting for his Monies owed ..

Those low division teams in Turkey are called playing to survive and keep fit .. the clubs knows it and so they fraustrate players

I heard the tribute read from the club , he told the coach he either plays or goes to see his family.. if one could only turn back time .. it shows how commited he was to his career …champ you died a hero and you scored you last goal … it cannot be forgotten by the club…… rest well .. your send off was beautiful


SOURCE: GHbase.com

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